Marinette’s shirt from MLB

Body Shop Clothing Elder Everyday Female

I decided to make some of the actual clothes from the show instead of just fully pink things. This is Marinette’s shirt/Jacket from MLB.

Ages: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder.

Gender: Female.

Clothing Type: Everyday, Party.

Clothing section: Jacket

Colors: White, Brown

You do not need anything special to use this Jacket, it is a recoloring of a jacket from the sims 4 base game. There are no special morps or anything. If you have any problems with any of my clothes please let me know.

LOD 0: Polygons-3360. Vertices-2347.

LOD 1: Polygons-1686. Vertices-1374.

LOD 2: Polygons-916. Vertices-807.

LOD 3: Polygons-452. Vertices- 452. (Published on: 2022-09-10 12:00:00)

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