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I found myself in need of a Simlish font that brought East Asian systems of writing to mind, and as I couldn’t find one that had the right vibe, I decided to make one. As I use Frankk’s Language Barriers mod, I figured the name for the language of Mt. Komorebi would be a perfect name, and away I went.

I used MidJourney to combine randomly-selected hiragana, simplified Chinese, and in some cases hangul jamo characters, and then meticulously traced chosen results. It’s a dingbat font, basically intended for “hit random keys, get result”, using Calligraphr’s basic English template, so don’t worry about trying to make any kind of grammatical sense. If you need numbers or punctuation symbols, I recommend combining it with Arial or another sans-serif font of your choice.

And then I decided well, what about those that needed a little more of a traditional look? So I created Komorebigo Brushed, intended to be evocative of Chinese calligraphy (although the situation in which I performed the trace was less than ideal, I admit). Then I decided to add a children’s version of the font, something that new learners would wind up with, used by drawing in a very uncomfortable way, though I think it had the desired effect.

Feel free to use them as bases for your own versions of a Komorebigo writing font, just be sure to show me! Same goes for any kind of other CC–credit would be fantastic though not required because honestly that’s hard to keep track of, I just wanna see what you’ve done with my creation. (Published on: 2023-06-21 12:00:00)

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