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I was inspired by someone on the Discord who had made a Sims 2 dorm for vampires to do something similar, a thread of dorms for various occults, and I started with one of my favorites: plantsims. I was also inspired by a particular set of Sims 2 CC furniture to create something more modern, light, and airy, and voila!

With eight bedrooms divided into four wings–pink, green, yellow, and white–and a central area surrounding a pool, the dorms include not only areas for sunbathing and replenishing that water need, but painting, indoor gardening, a study area, and a TV room, as well as a cafeteria-stocked kitchen. Plants adorn a wide variety of nooks and crannies, from walls and ceilings to stacked on top of the minifridge and bookshelf. Medium-height walls with greenhouse windows provide plenty of light, and a natural motif on the pool (with a little shedding from past students) combined with solar panels and the Eco-Friendly lot trait make the dorms pleasant for not only the students but also the environment.

I made copious use of the Greenhouse Haven and Blooming Rooms packs, as well as Eco Lifestyle as I thought that best fit a PlantSim’s nature (pun very much intended) and, obviously, Discover University. It has also been somewhat playtested, and my only disappointments are that a 4×4 room structure doesn’t allow for the cafeteria table NPC to actually get there so the symmetry was thrown off, and the fact that the greenhouse rooves don’t cast shadows well when overlapped like regular hipped roofing.

I highly recommend SrslySims’ Plantsim Lives mod, which turns PlantSims into a permanent life state and other benefits. Though I did include a couple of Forbidden Fruit trees to be grown, at the just-planted stage, should you want something a smidge more vanilla.

It’s defaulted as a Foxbury lot, no reasoning other than that it was first on the list of universities, and if you have it, I recommend throwing the Great Soil lot trait as well. (Sorry about the trash pile on the lot corner, I couldn’t delete it in build mode.)

Expansion Packs

Discover University
Eco Lifestyle

Stuff Packs

Romantic Garden Stuff

(Published on: 2023-11-03 12:00:00)

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