Full-size garage doors from City Living

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I bet we all used the mural things from City Living as ordinary garage doors to decorate our sims houses. Sadly singular ones are rather thin, and when we put two next to each other to simulate one big garage door, it just looks weird. No more! Now these are 5 tiles wide, so every car will fit just right… or it would if we had functional cars…

Besides the size, I added a few more color options. The more I look at them they seem more ugly… but hay, they are there!

Sadly often when trying to add more swatches to objects that have normally only one, for some reason the first two keep duplicating, so there are two gray ones per door. Nothing game-breaking about it, it’s just annoying.

Also, I removed the mural painting function because it would look weird. But I also removed collision, so you can hide a door behind and sims would be able to walk through them, so they are kind of functional.

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(Published on: 2023-11-03 12:00:00)

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