Eco LifeStyle Dirty Double Cleaned and Repaired

Beds and Bedding Buy Mode By Function Comfort

This is a polished version of the Dirty Double Bed that is found through dumpster diving. You can now purchase the “Dirty Double” from the buy catalog. The bed’s swatches are no longer dirty or worn. It has been renamed the “Clean Double”. It is what the bed would have looked like when new, so the price has gone up from $25 to $75. The description has been tweaked also. I love to play rags to riches and felt the need to create this for my own Sim. I don’t want to always dumpster dive for a bed when starting out. Sometimes my sim has a little more class and prefers thrift stores like the Salvation Army.

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(Published on: 2023-10-01 12:00:00)

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