Dehottified: A Hot Pink Swatch Default Replacement

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Here we go again, another default replacement for another hair color swatch I’m not the biggest fan of. I don’t know if this is some kind of a new addiction I developed or what, I guess it seems I’m having more fun doing this than playing the actual game at this point (makes both a lot of sense and none at all).

Anyway, that hot pink was way too hot and bright for me, so I opted for a duller, bubblegum-like tone. I’m aware it’s a shade that you either like or you don’t. The recolor includes hair, facial hair, and brows as always. Since it is an unnatural color it is available for young adults, adults, and elders and for both masculine and feminine frames, but it’s NOT available for toddlers and children.

The merged files for hair and facial hair are organized by packs (brows are only found in the base game). In the merged files for each pack, ALL assets are included that come with that specific pack.

Note: there may be some changes in the set of base game hairs with future updates since they sometimes add brand new hair or hair from older packs.

The .rar files “DR_Hair_HotPink_38FilesArchive” and “DR_FacialHair_HotPink_8FilesArchive” contain all the merged files for every pack so you can download everything in one click and then keep the packages you’re interested in and delete the ones you don’t need

The .rar files “DR_Hair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile” and “DR_FacialHair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile” contain only one file with all retextures from all packs (for those who have all packs or don’t care about having more retextures than actually needed)

Update 03/20/22

-Added DR_HotPink_DIY containing a text document to recreate my preset for those who wish to apply it to other maxis match custom content hairs.

Update 03/25/22

-Added retexture for “ymHair_SDX007AfroSpongeCurl”

Update 04/16/22

-Added retextures for “yf/ym/cf/pfHair_SDX009StraightMed2Tone”

Update 06/24/2022

-Added retextures for “yf/ymFacialHair_BeardCurly”

-Added DR_Hair_HotPink_GP12Werewolves

Update 08/11/2022

-Added retextures for yf/ym/cuHair_SDX015CoilyTwistback and yf/ymHair_SDX015StraightMed to Base Game Hair

-Added DR_Hair_HotPink_EP12HighSchoolYears to DR_Hair_HotPink_40FilesArchive.rar and DR_Hair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar

-Added DR_BodyHair_HotPink_2FilesArchive (containing the files DR_BodyHair_HotPink_BaseGame and DR_BodyHair_HotPink_EP12HighSchoolYears)

-Added DR_FacialHair_HotPink_EP12HighSchoolYears to DR_FacialHair_HotPink_9FilesArchive.rar and DR_FacialHair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar

Update 11/12/2022

-Added retexture for yf/ymHair_SDX017Emily to Base Game Hair

-Added retexture for yuMakeupEyebrows_EP12EGirl to Eyebrows

-Updated DR_Hair_HotPink_40FilesArchive.rar and DR_Hair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar

Update 11/18/2022

-Added retextures for cf/yf/ymHair_SDX019BantuKnots and cm/yf/ymHair_SDX019TwoStrandTwists to Base Game Hair

-Added retextures for yf/ymFacialHair_SDX019Thick, yf/ymFacialHair_SDX019Trucker and ymFacialHair_SDX019Patchy to Base Game Facial Hair

-Updated DR_Hair_HotPink_40FilesArchive.rar and DR_Hair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar

-Updated DR_FacialHair_HotPink_9FilesArchive.rar and DR_FacialHair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar

Programs used:




(Shout out to the creators)

-GIMP (Published on: 2022-03-14 12:00:00)

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DR_Hair_HotPink_40FilesArchive.rar 0 Download
DR_FacialHair_HotPink_AllPacksOneFile.rar 0 Download
DR_FacialHair_HotPink_9FilesArchive.rar 0 Download
DR_Eyebrows_HotPink.rar 0 Download
DR_BodyHair_HotPink_2FilesArchive.rar 0 Download
DR_HotPink_DIY.rar 0 Download

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