Astarion’s Infernal Scars – BGC skin detail

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Howdy! This is my first skin detail for the Sims 4. I’ve been playing A LOT of Baldur’s Gate 3 lately and wanted to make some sims based on the companions. Here’s Astarion’s back scars which you can read about if you don’t care about spoilers, or just play through his story to learn about in game.

Someone on reddit shared a clear image of Astarion’s scars that was provided to them by Larian as tattoo reference and I took the opportunity to bring it into TS4.


* found in the Body Scars category, Back Torso slot

* 2 styles, works across all skintones

* works on both frames, Teen through Elder

* includes custom thumbnails

* Maxis Match (Published on: 2023-09-27 12:00:00)

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