APS The Better Bedding Pack

Beds and Bedding Buy Mode By Function Comfort

<i>Over 400 recolors</i>

<i>Edited bed mesh from Seasons Expansion

Mattress only, bed not included

Works with the High School Years update</i>

Have you ever looked at the sims 4 mattresses and wondered “why????????”

I can’t recall one time I walked into a bedroom and someone had tucked all of the sheets and blankets under the mattress. It’s weird and it’s been annoying me for years.

The Season’s expansion pack gave us some normal looking beds, but the separated mattresses won’t fit frames with a footboard, which meant my favorite bedframe from ATS4’s Ikea Bedroom set (pictured) was UNUSABLE!!

I finally got so frustrated, I had to right this terrible wrong. This mesh is an edited version of the bed from the Seasons expansion pack. I removed the frame and shortened the blankets at the end of the bed. It was made for the ATS4 frame, but works on most beds with footboards. It will not work on wider bed frames because I didn’t not shorten the sides. Making a version for wider frames is on my to do list. Making these base game compatible is also on the list, so we’ll see.


The zip file contains a folder for each package with the pictures included.


You don’t NEED to do this, but if you don’t have room for multiple packages, but like textures from several different ones, you can use this method to put the textures you like into one package.

~Open S4S and click on “my projects”

~Open one of the packages

~Go to the texture tab and export the textures you like

~Click the cancel button bottom right corner

~Repeat for every package with textures you like

~Make a copy of one of the packages (doesn’t matter which)

~Open the copy

~Remove all of the textures and import the ones you saved

~Click save in the bottom right corner

This will create one package with the textures you want.

You can also open each package and remove the textures you don’t want. This won’t cut the total size down as much, but it’s easier.


The APSBetterBeddingRecolorable package includes the edited mesh and the blank texture for it to make recoloring easier

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(Published on: 2022-09-05 12:00:00)

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