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UPDATED! I have finally got around to fixing the issues with the table with the newest version of the game. There are now two versions, one that can be placed on any surface (only usable on valid tables) and a second version that is floor placement only (easier to attach chairs to), download and install only 1 based on your preference. Let me know if you encounter any issues!

Hello all! This is my first modding experience in the Sims 4 and I am here to introduce the Any Surface Chessboard. This chessboard can be placed on any surface as a decoration and can be played on any surface with chairs (for example dining tables, desks etc…). I was inspired to create it after getting sick of finding a place for my full chess table, and not finding any that fit the overall look of my Sim’s homes.


Version 3.0

  • Finally I have updated to work with the latest build of the Sims 4!
  • Added geostates so that you can watch the pieces move while the Sims play
  • Changed object size on tabletops to better fit the restrictions of the table’s use: To note the chessboard cannot be used with large round tables, countertops or raised surfaces. Must be a standard table height with chairs that work with the regular chess table.
  • Adjusted price from 250 to 75 simoleons as this made more sense to me
  • I added a second version that is a floor only model, this one can only be placed on the floor and is a bit easier to attach seats to. I like the any surface placement myself so that is why I have both available.

Catalogue Info:

The Portable Chessboard: Buy mode > Activities and Skills > Knowledge and costs 75 simoleons.

Nothing shows off your mind for strategy like the portable indoor/outdoor chess board. Use it on any surface to match any decor.


Some quick tips to get the mod working correctly:

  1. You can place the chessboard on any surface although it will only work to be played on a surface where seats can be attached (will not work with the larger round tables, countertops etc..)
  2. Placing seats can be a bit tricky, I find the best method is to angle the chessboard attach the chairs to it and then rotate it to match the table you wish to place them at.
  3. You can also place it using the moveobjects cheat as well which makes the possibilities endless!

Thank you again for downloading and if you have any questions or encounter any bugs please leave a message here and I will get it to as soon as I can.

Screenshot Credits:


Simsational Designs – Myra Living Desk Chairs

Simsational Designs – Wood Slat Flooring

Polygon Counts:

Polygons: 346 / Vertices: 800

Additional Credits:

Sims 4 Studio, Blender, Maya and Photoshop. (Published on: 2016-11-01 12:00:00)

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