Jewish Roof Decor

Build Mode Roofing


Sharing with you these four roof decors that are perfect for jewish homes, synagogues or other builds

The golden ones require Get Famous while the black ones require Get Together. You can choose between Star of David only or combined with Chai (Alive). I hope you like it!

– Roof Decor

– 150 simoleons

– Can be found by searching ‘ZoriSims’ or the name of the object as stated by the name of the zip file

If you have any request regarding specific objects etc that are within the jewish theme, I’d be happy to try to help. Just let me know

Expansion Packs

Get Together

(Published on: 2023-09-03 12:00:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
ZoriSimsStarofDavidSpire_GetFamousRequired.rar 0 Download
ZoriSimsGoldenChaiSpire_GetFamousRequired.rar 0 Download
ZoriSimsBlackChaiSpire_GetTogetherRequired.rar 0 Download
ZoriSimsBlackStarofDavidSpire_GetTogetherRequired.rar 0 Download

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