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Obviously it’s a matter of taste, but while I generally like their characters – I find the standard townies to be too cartoony and ugly. This especially goes for the older releases and it seems Maxis agrees with me, since they already replaced the CAS standard sims for less cartoony ones and started on updating the rest.

This package will change the looks (and a few other features) of the Cats & Dogs starter families to be somewhat more “realistic”/”good looking” – on newly started saves anyway.

I’m sorry but I don’t play with pets much, so the animals are basically unchanged.


27 Aug 2022: Added body hair, nail polish and some alternative outfits. New images.


  • MindB_ender_EP04HH_Template_Delgato – Delgato (4 sims, Brindleton Bay).
  • MindB_ender_EP04HH_Template_Hecking – Hecking (2 sims, Brindleton Bay).
  • MindB_ender_EP04HH_Template_Lynx – Lynx aka Crazy Cat Lady (1 sim, Brindleton Bay).


  • No expansions besides “Cats & Dogs” or other mods needed.
  • Each household is a seperate .package file and will work without the others.
  • Requires a new save/game to use – will not change households in existing saves. (use your Gallery to copy them from a new save if you want to.)
  • Households will not get the “modded” tag upon upload to the Gallery (unless you have other mods that make it so).
  • Will work to set up with “mods on” and then play without – although some thumbnails and texts may persist or not.
  • Sims come with outfits for hot and cold weather.
  • Sims come with likes and dislikes


Feel free to expand and improve on this if you want to, just don’t claim you made it.

Big thanks to the people of Sims4Studio for making this easy.

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(Published on: 2022-07-30 12:00:00)

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