Willow Lake (NO CC)

Willow Lake


Built in 1873 by Von Gordon, the ruthless oil barren, Willow Lake remains a premier residence for the 1%. Bask in the opulence that your inheritance and family name have provided, while offering jealous neighbors a fleeting glimpse of what REAL status entails.

No CC.

– Over 20 rooms
– x6 Bedroom
– x6 Bathroom
– x5 Fireplace
– Formal entrance gallery, living room, and dining room. Luxurious halls.
– Media lounge with bar
– Full kitchen w/ large island, dual appliances.
– 3rd floor servants quarters, 1st-2nd floor servant stairs,
– 3rd floor vaulted office with reception, painting nook, and balcony.
– Full attic with gym
– Basement with furnace, wine cellar, and fallout shelter.
– Large in-ground pool, multiple verandas.
– Fully furnished and landscaped.

5/21/15 – Lot 2.0: Recolors, Main hall floors, wallpaper, attic object recolors, roof tip adjustments, slight landscape additions.
5/23/15 – Lot 2.1: Few recolors. Removed rear window boxes interfering with basement stair use.

MTS_pollycranopolis-1533384-Mad47 1532784.largethumb

Lot Size: 50×50
Lot Price (furnished): $583,181




Willow Lake
Willow Lake
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