Small Venice

Small Venice


Little Venice is a place of entertainment for many Sims. There are four pubs serving great drinks, discos – including one in the city sewers. There is also a gym, a library with access to computers, a place for chess players. And also a playroom for children. On the upper floor you can find guest rooms, kitchen, living room.
The buildings are surrounded by water, and decorated boats. Under the city there is a system of corridors connected to sewers, and a room which acts as a bar and disco.

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Lot type: nightclub
Lot price:
Furnished: 512,500
List of rooms:
– gym ( 2 floors)
– bathroom x 5
– bar x 4
– library
– computer room
– children’s playroom
– chess room
– guest room x 4, one with double bed, three with single
– kitchen
– living room

Lot Size: 50×50
Lot Price (furnished): 512,500
Lot Price (unfurnished): 512,500



Small Venice
Small Venice
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