Shader Fix for “Immaculate” Shelf + additional colours

Shader Fix for “Immaculate” Shelf + additional colours

1530338.largethumb 1530339.largethumb

This is a mesh override for the Maxis “Immaculate” shelf (Base Game) that changes the shader to Counters so they will be evenly lit, regardless of what is on them.

Update: I also added three more colour variants while I was at it ‒ white wood, a darker light wood, and plain white (without those bumpmapped lines). Same thumbnail and same model (so the in-game design tool will work for these). If you redownload, be aware the package has a different name now.

(That little light border between the shelves is on the texture, nothing to do with the lighting.)

Overrides the following:

0x01661233-0x00000000-0x087F59231DDDD03C MODL
0x01D10F34-0x00000000-0x087F59231DDDD03C MLOD
0x01D10F34-0x00000001-0x087F59231DDDD03C MLOD

s4pe, HexEdit // TSRW and for the recolours.



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