No autonomous use of Computer activities

No autonomous
use of Computer activities


Game Requirements and Compatibility

– This mod is compatible for Version (Update 06/11/2015)

Mod Description

Are you tired of your Sims always going to the next close computer to browse the web, play games or do other silly stuff? Then this mod is for you!

06/17/2015: I’ve uploaded an updated version of the mod, please disregard the old version. I missed a few Programming and Hacking interactions that were still be used autonomously. Now I think I got them all. I visited the library and I did not see one Sim using the Computers. Instead they were actually reading and talking!  YES!

This mod overrides the following resources:

The mod will conflict with any other mod that edits the same files, such as:
MadameButterfly’s: No Auto Computer Games, No Auto Troll teh Forums and,
simmythesim’s Faster Social or Relationship gain from chatting on the computer

Additional Credits:
GIMP 2.8 for thumbnail
Sims 4 Studio for extracting the XML tuning files & creating the package file.
JustAnotherSimsFan (JASF) for testing the mod!



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