Improved Lighting (V5)

Improved Lighting (V5)

The V4 version removes this issue with black walls when the lights are off, and the issue with extreme brightness on walls beside
a window when the lights are off (when the walls weren’t black instead).
The BradyBunchBlue extra blue color in the light is reduced drastically (lower than EA has done in the newest patch);
in my game at least, white furniture indoors is white.
This BBBlue in the light has nothing to
do with RGB values in the color of clothing or furniture or anywhere else.
The blue sky is a bit less extreme blue, as when using desaturation on a color.

This mod improves the lighting primarily indoors, and alters outdoor lighting a bit also.
Indoors will be brighter than the default overall and Ambient light
is spread throughout so walls will not be as dark and sims facing away from
the light source will not be as dark.

Sunlight entering through windows is greater than the default.
Also the SS Ambient Occlusion is increased such that objects everywhere have a little more contrast
and/or depth; the washed-out look of the entire game graphics is reduced a bit.




This mod uses two DATA files named Renderer Global Light Settings and Renderer Global Ssao Settings,
and the 2 XML files of the same name.Cannot be used together with the Indoor Lights Brighter mod as my mod uses the same DATA file.

Install this by unzipping the file somewhere, and moving the .package file into the Mods folder (or a subfolder).
With the Oct.1st Update, the business with the unpackedmod folder and altered Resource.cfg file isn’t necessary anymore,
as XML can be read inside a .package file as normal.

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group,
and the Data File Tool and XML Extractor by velocitygrass.



Improved Lighting V4
Improved Lighting V4
Version: 4.0
66 KiB

Improved Lighting V5
Improved Lighting V5
Version: 5.0
66 KiB


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