Higher Stereo Volumes

Higher Stereo Volumes


If you played Sims 4 and turned a stereo on, you surely noticed that zooming out just a little is enough for the music volume to go almost zero, even on High.
What this mod do is make sound go further into space, so that volume will stay the same for greater distances. Now you can listen the songs when zoomed out and you’ll listen them on the other side of the room.

Just to compare, the minimum distance was around 0.6 and now is 1.5 and the maximum distance was around 0.8 and now is 6.0.

The files are still the same from the release and will never change, trust me I know EA enough to know these files will never change.


0x73CB32C2 0x001407EC 0x5F9C854FA6D88A94
0x73CB32C2 0x001407EC 0xCD2F7A45D71884A5
0x73CB32C2 0x001407EC 0xFE2211C25E1D66D1

Any mod that overwrites it will conflict with this mod.

About the files:
gain is the volume itself, lower is higher. So 1 will output a higher volume in-game than 1.6.
min_distance will define the distance from 0 to itself where the audio will be heard like from a media player.
max_distance will define the distance from min_distance to itself where the volume will be kept but the audio will suffer effects from spatial location.

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