H&B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator

H&B Portal – Expensive Refrigerator

Have you ever thought “ah, I wish my phone could store food for me!”, if that makes sense? Well, now you can! (Kinda?) We took our best technology in fridge industry and the sharpest and clearest display there is and made the H&B Portal refrigerator! Why portal? Well, because it is going to be the portal to your new everyday life! The smart operative system, combined with hardware sensors and cameras inside, will ensure the fastest experience you’ll ever witness on a smart refrigerator! Be careful though, your wallet is gonna scream at it in fear!



Full names:

  • Regular Size:H&B Portal – Smart Refrigerator
  • Plus Size: H&B Portal Plus – Smart Refrigerator

This package files have common features, such as:

  • Detailed diffuse map (1024×2048 pixels);
  • Detailed normal map (1024×2048 pixels);
  • Detailed specular map (1024×2048 pixels);
  • All LODs;
  • Vertex lighting;
  • Expensive refrigerator tuning (Culinary Career reward fridge, 8 food points and steel fridge perk );

This refrigerator comes in 9 different color swatches

Regular: 15000 Simoleons
Plus: 15200 Simoleons


You can choose between three different package files:

  • littledica.H&B.refrigerator: regular size refrigerator;
  • littledica.H&B.refrigerator.plus: plus size refrigerator, package by Nyloa at Tumblr;
  • littledica.H&B.refrigerator.merged: both the two versions together, if you download this one, do not download the other 2.


As always, the thumbnail is the auto generated one:

Polygon Counts:
LOD 0 (Highest): 2370 Polygons
LOD 1 (Medium): 1674 Polygons
LOD 2 (Lowest): 118 Polygons


Expansion/Stuff packs required:





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