Green Thumb Talks (Perfect Gardening)

Green Thumb Talks



Thank goodness, finally we could share plants though Gallery since Game Version 1.5.139 allowed us.
So I collect all kinds of plants in one room. No building, no deco, just sharing plants.
It contains all perfect plants from Base Game, Outdoor Retreat and Get To Work.



Name: Green Thumb Talks
Size: 8×8
Type: Room
Price: 13046

All kinds of gardenings except COWPLANT can be harvested right after placing the room.
But there’re already two spliced plants of dragonfruit-snapdragon-cowplant, you just need to wait for their harvesting.

Game Version Required: At least Version 1.5.139 (DLCs are optional)

Notice: Specific plants will be removed without DLCs.

Lot Size: 8×8
Lot Price (furnished): 13046
Lot Price (unfurnished): 13046




Green Thumb Talks
Green Thumb Talks
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