Generic Lots Are Empty No More! v3

Generic Lots Are Empty No More! v3


Version 3 released
exactly the same as version 2 which fixed the sims appearing on alien lots bug, but it actually works now. Previously with version 2 I was rushing to get the new version out so apologies for the version 2 brokenness.

Have you ever wanted to build a lot with no restrictions? Well Generic lots are for you! If they worked, that is. Previously, no sims would come to a generic lot unless you invited them but now, the bug is gone! Now your beautiful generic lots are populated with sims!

Made with version 1.7.65

Will conflict with any mod that edits

Note: Technically, I’ve retired from modding but this bug annoyed me so much that it lead me to create a new mod. If the June 11 patch breaks the mod, I won’t be fixing it.

How I made this mod for those looking to update it:
You can look at the thread about updating the mod here.

Additional Credits:
TS4 Mod Workshop



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