EnterPrice House

EnterPrice House

This is a very big house on 3 floors. The style is a Soft Industrial and should fit lots of people who like modern houses. 300315 Modern warm/cold 300315 Modern warm/cold

It’s a familyhouse with 4 bedrooms included the master suite. I also fitted 2 single bedrooms and another double ensuite. It has playroom with toys at the top, but I didn’t dress the single bedrooms very childish, just neutral as usual.


Basement: Contains a pool to collect rainwater from the open ceiling to the atrium above, you can swim if you like.
1. It also has a big bathroom which turned out to be a bit annoying considering my tester took her bowl of bread dough down to the basement to make breadsticks. You can just ditch those counters and use ung999’s sink instead if you like.
2. It’s also a piano room with room for your collections,
3. It has a spare room for hobbies and such,
4. Opposite of the pianoroom is the stereo and computer desk room. I didn’t fit it with any computers though, you just buy whatever you like for what you have left after buying this house.

Main floor: The courtyard takes center in this house.
1. The kitchen is on one side, and has a bar towards the courtyard, and a balcony on the outside of the house with a bbq on.
2. On the other side of the courtyard is the activities room with open arches towards the middle. It has a chess table and musical instruments, and 4 chairs infront of the fireplace.
3. At the back of the house, opposite the main entrance is the garden room. It also has a fireplace, seating, dressingtable and bookcases.
4. Outside in the garden is the big pool, some room fore activities and seating.
5. By the main entrance is the gym with two shower and toilet rooms
6. Between the kitchen and main entrance is the diningroom for 6 people and a livingroom in the corner. The livingroom has a fireplace again.
7. In the corner between the activities room and garden room is the TV room. It’s the only TV in this house, and the room is quite small
8. In the last corner between the staircase and the kitchen, is the office with some bookcases and a desk.

Upper floor:
1. The master suite with a seating nook, bedroom, desk and bathroom with dressing mirror.
2. The kids playroom/familyroom with seating, toytable, toybox and instrument.
3. 2 single bedrooms share a bathroom.
4. 1 double bedroom has it’s own bathroom.
5. The inner courtyard balcony, where parts of it has a roof above a table with 4 chairs.

It’s built on Arid Ridge in Oasis Springs, but you can put it where ever you like.


Lot Size: 40×30
Lot Price (furnished): 234k
Lot Price (unfurnished): 234k




EnterPrice House
EnterPrice House
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