Werewolf in Batuu

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What is he doing?

The name of the mod speaks for itself. As in other occultations, werewolves will not be able to use their abilities in Batuu. Thanks to this mod you can fully play as a werewolf in Batuu and bite Kylo Ren or Rey.

What is the reason for making this mod?

I couldn’t sleep anywhere!

Some remarks when playing as a werewolf:

  • Your fury will not accumulate in this world, according to my experiments and game code;
  • When transformed, the werewolf will have the same costume as the sim, and the werewolf will have eyebrows (in the image above the werewolf had no eyebrows, but in this world they appeared).


This mod has several versions: WithResetOccult and WithoutResetOccult. In the original game, every time you enter Batuu, you turn back into a human. The WithoutResetOccult version allows you to remain a werewolf in Batuu, while the other version will be like the original. You only need to choose one version.


This mod will conflict with those who change these resources:

  • Type: 0C772E27 Group: 0000003F Instance: 00000000000493D7
  • Type: 6017E896 Group: 0000003F Instance: 00000000000493D6

(Published on: 2022-07-17 12:00:00)

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