Werewolf Fury Gain/Loss Multipliers

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ModTheSims upload process takes too long, so future mods will be available on my Patreon or Sims4Studio, including new updates to these mods and additional special Werewolf interactions!

These are a set of options to make fury loss or gain stronger or weaker.

Loss and Gain packages are separated, so you can mix and match.

Please note that while there is a Fury Loss Large, it is only changed in the x5 version- from 150 to 300.

More Loss + Default Gain = Easier fury

Default Loss + More Gain = Harder fury

Mix and match however you like, but only use one gain package and one loss package at a time.

These will affect my Werewolf Fury Interactions mod, but will NOT affect the ones that change fury over time- Meditation, Mud Bathing, and Zoomies. If you’d like faster flavors of those just ask.

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(Published on: 2022-07-09 12:00:00)

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