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Update: Buffalo Bill version adds excellent grungy walls and floors, syringes, and revolver decorations.

Warnings: Death themes, exploitation of grief and belief, blood, bodies.


A halloween house for evil sims. A replacement 20 x 15 lot of Streamlet Single where base game Trevor Tolman lives. Assuming Trevor Tolman is moved in, this lot implies that Tolman is complicit with members of the Simsonian National Museum in shady material transactions, runs a despicable salvation scam on grieving families that involves bogus dead surgery and space, obtains dead from crime scenes, conducts experiments on the dead, and pollutes Willow Creek.

Theme: A hysterical, woebegone graphic design poseur downloads mts mods and cooks up a wacky creepy death scam basement house for halloween. Bon appetit.

Lot Size: 20 x 15

Capacity: 1 evil cackling sim.

Custom Content: 9 for original version, 14 more for Buffalo Bill version

Cheats Used: bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects, bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, resetsim, headlineeffects, motherlode, freerealestate

Playtesting: Tested with Rolando McDolando for 6 sim weeks for pathing, balance, object use, surface use, moodlets, bills, decoration

Activities: Dranks, painting, violin, dummy punch, computers, analyze samples, swim, tv, chess, bookcase, workout, grill

Weekly Bill Average: 4,810 rabid simoleons

Price Furnished: 133,948 gleeful simoleons

Price Unfurnished: 49,940 partypooping simoleons

Required CC for Normal Version:

Simcity 4 Funeral Chapel items by necrodog

Simcity 4 Morgue set by necrodog

Alphabet Wall Decals + Empty Basegame Sign by Bakie

Wall-Mounted Sink by SleezySlakkard

Build-a-Shower Kit by Madhox

Embalming and autopsy instruments by necrodog

K Clutter Sputnik – Elements of Crime – 7 folders & 7 polaroids by Blackgryffin

Mud Puddles – No Interactions by Bakie

Unlocked and Recolored Puddles – NO INTERACTIONS by Bakie

Recommended CC:

Ownable Cars by Dark Gaia

For Buffalo Bill version, additional CC needed, continued below…

Additional required CC for Buffalo Bill version adds horror grunge textures, syringes, and revolver decorations: No registration needed, direct links provided where possible.

Dirty Plaster – Masonry Wall by inabadromance ( TSR uses java script )

Medical Clutter by First Lady of Casterly Rock on tumblr [Direct]

HL2Walls labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#2 by Granny Zaza conversion from Fiddledeedee [Direct]

HL2Floors labeled “Floorings” on Post#3 by Granny Zaza conversion from Fiddledeedee [Direct]

HL2Walls Part2 labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#4 by Granny Zaza conversion from Fiddledeedee [Direct]

Old Floors labeled “Floorings” on Post#9 by Granny Zaza conversion from Fiddledeedee [Direct]

SBWalls for TS4 labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#25 by Granny Zaza ][Direct]

SW03Walls labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#31 by Granny Zaza [Direct]

SWWallpaper labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#46 by Granny Zaza [Direct]

SWPaint labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#49 by Granny Zaza [Direct]

Metro2033Walls&Floor labeled “Coatings for Walls and Floors, ‘Metro 2033′” on Post#58 by Granny Zaza conversion from kativip [Direct]

Metro 2033 (TS4) labeled “Seth furniture and Decoration, ‘The Metro 2033′” on Post#59 by Granny Zaza conversion from kativip [Direct]

CastlevaniaLOS2FloorsPart1 Labeled “Floorings” on Post#71 by Granny Zaza conversion from Yolartut [Direct]

LS ACR WallsP3-4 labeled Wall Coverings on Post#72 by Granny Zaza conversion from kativip [Direct]

The above 12 download links are from sourcepage http://www.thesimsmodels.com/forum/96-756-1 Translated page here


Check Include Custom Content in Advanced in the left bar in the Gallery for lot to show up.
On lot placement current TS4 bug will very likely cause spy satellites to fall. Use hand tool to bring them back up.
Recommend Ownable Cars by Dark Gaia to replace fake van. Garage terrain allows Tofunda Wagon placement.
If playing Trevor Tolman with this lot, suggest changing his Clumsy trait to Insane.
Empty autopsy table functions as bed. Sleep clipping very possible. Nap looks fine.
Bodies and bodybags on tables and counters will throw path fail on view because trick or treat.
Three mirrors near giant microscope are too close and will throw path fail on use because I hate my life.

Additional Credits:






Granny Zaza

First Lady of Casterly Rock



kativip (Published on: 2016-11-26 12:00:00)

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