Vampires love their Werewolves Friends’ blood

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How many times did I play a save where my vampire was friend or lover with a werewolf and they still got that angry buff when drinking their blood. I mean it made sense but I feel like if they are friend and they are kindly lending you blood, you shouldn’t be angry about it!


– When a vampire drinks the blood of a werewolf with whom they are friends, they will get a Fine Buff that will last 2 hours. (didn’t include family because some can not be on good terms with their family but if they are friends, the buff should appear)

– When a vampire drinks the blood of a werewolf that they dislike or are ennemies, they will get the normal angry buff that the game offers, that last 2 hours.

– When they drink the blood of a werewolf that they have are acquatainces or hasn’t met yet, they will get the same buff as EA but this time they will be Uncomfortable.


Not compatible with WereChihuahua – Werewolf Blood Kills Vampire by Zero (love this mod when I go with intense occult gameplay though. I recommend this for yall occult lover.)


This mod will conflict with any other mods that affect the following tuning:

Available Languages: English

Special Thanks

Sims4Studio because they created S4S and I used it to create the mod.

MizoreYukii for making me realize something critical about the way I was testing this mod.

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(Published on: 2022-07-30 12:00:00)

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