Up’s House furnished for poor healthed single widowed old man. No CC

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Up’s House furnished for poor healthed single widowed old man. No CC.

Perfect for your townies, friends in town, etc.

House model used is from “[SemiĀ®amide] Up’s House” by TheSimsLoverOurCreation (http://modthesims.info/d/564535 ).

I really liked the small and cute “[SemiĀ®amide] Up’s House” by TheSimsLoverOurCreation. I placed one in town and discovered to my horror that it is unfurnished. As I had intended to use this house for one of my townie I really hoped to have this house to be furnished. So I did. With the image of the cane using grandpa from the movie UP in mind I furnished this house for a amicable widowed old man who likes to do some light gardening. He is probably suffering from chronic lung disease because many oxygen tanks have been placed in this house. (They may be tanks of helium too if the grandpa is finishing his UP plan) It seems he used to be a pipe smoking, charming althlete in his prime. He seems to be a audiophile too or why would he keep a well maintained phonograph in his living room? There’s a small makeshift toilet in the grandpa’s bedroom which is a great help since grandpa has problem walking.

There’s no one on this lot currently. Who lives here? Who used to live here? Who will move in?

Have fun!

Lot Size: 15×20

Lot Price (furnished): 68040

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine Out

Stuff Packs

Perfect Patio Stuff
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Spooky Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff
Kids Room Stuff

(Published on: 2016-11-14 12:00:00)

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