Tired moodlets for vampires from The Sims 3


Update 15/07/22: fixed “Slept Like The Undead” moodlet appearing only with autonomous sleeping in coffins; added an archive with “Well Rested” moodlet from “The Sims 3” (Russian translation included). The latter doesn’t require doing anything special in order to activate it (unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same way with vampires), and it also won’t pop up after sleeping in cheap/uncomfortable beds. Both of these moodlets now last for five hours instead of three.

Update 14/07/22: removed the ability to get “Slept like the Undead” moodlet from anything but beds and coffins. Three other moodlets will now be appearing a little sooner (i.e. when the energy need is a bit higher compared to how it was before). Changed “a vampire” in the description of “Drained” moodlet to the name of your sim (seemed fitting to me in this particular case, but I absolutely can change it back if you disagree, just let me know).

Added Russian translation (partially the official translation for “The Sims 3”, partially translated by me — ?????? ??? ???????????? ??????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ????????). ??????? ??????????.

Please, report if you notice any bugs!

What is this mod for?

In the vanilla “The Sims 4” vampires don’t get any moodlets when they’re tired, as far as I’m aware. Here’s a little mod that brings these moodlets back right from “The Sims 3”!

What does this mod add to the game?

It adds 4 moodlets:

I didn’t change anything about the moodlets in regards to the text parts, like names and descriptions (because they’re awesome as they are!) — the only exception is “Slept Like The Dead” moodlet, which was changed to “Slept Like The Undead” (there’s an occasional negative moodlet with the same name for cured vampires in “The Sims 4”, felt fitting to me). In regards to gameplay, I added a little bonus to “Drained” moodlet — I took the words “worse than a normal Sim” quite literally, so vampire experience gain speed for a vampire with this moodlet will be slowed down significantly, and all skills will be performed as if a vampire has them two levels lower. Just send them to sleep, please.

Note about vampires with nightmares weakness and “Slept like the Undead” moodlet: I did think about them, but for the life of me couldn’t find the buff for the weakness — the other ones, every single one of them, are in the list, but the nightmares one just isn’t there (not in “Traits” section either). Have no clue where they could’ve put it, so these vampires will also be receiving the “Slept Like The Undead” moodlet.

How do I activate the mod in the game?

Unfortunately, you do have to activate it (sorry, I’m just a beginner, I’ll try to rework it with “XML Injector” some time later).

For the existing vampires and vampires made in CAS you’ll need to use “Show the dark form” interaction on them, the Sims turned into vampires through the gameplay will automatically activate it for themselves.

This mod doesn’t conflict with my other one, despite using the same interaction for activation.

Although I can’t promise to add anything, if you have any suggestions, please, feel free to submit them!


Zebru for the ‘Mod Constructor v4’

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(Published on: 2022-07-14 12:00:00)

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