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Welcome to Flamingo Heights! Featured here is lot number 12 – The Premiere!


Never fear, Domino is here!…and I brought with me a new house. Yes, I’ve been gone for a little while this year, but I’ve returned with my newest build. As you all know, I love building mid-century homes, and this beauty is one that I am proud of. I named it the “Premiere” after the Lincoln Premiere cars that were popular during the late 1950s. I started it back in spring, and just now finished on the first day of autumn after taking a break.

The home features a total of five bedrooms with enough room for an eight Sim household if you desire. A full eat-in kitchen is built in the rear section of the home, with a dining room ajacent for formal occasions. There is a small seating area in the main hallway near the piano, but a larger livingroom is near the left side of the home. A quiet library can be accessed from the dining area. Near the front of the lot, accessed from the hall, is a small conservatory with plenty of light for growing your plants all year long. The right side of the home features two large bedrooms for adults and teenagers, with a smaller red-themed room near the back of the home. I also call this the dark room, for its very calming nature in color tones. The back of the lot has a large patio area for enjoying the warm weather, complete with a private pool and hot tub section for parties and mood lighting at night. You’ll notice a lot of stonework in the architecture, which is all black and white on the exterior of the home for a simple, yet popular mid-century look of the 1950s and 1960s. The landscaping is minimal, yet elegant and features a pond for fish – these fish are not included, you must buy your own. I’m not a pet store, I’m the architect. The two smaller bedrooms on the second floor have smaller space and very little furniture. They’re ideally for children or teens. Both rooms are accessed via ladders and have their own bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom except for the red room, but the primary bathroom of the home is across the hall from this room. You may have noticed that I put a lot of clocks in my builds, and that is because I am a clock collector in real life, so I like having them in every home I design.

Overall, I’m pleased with this build and I sure hope you will be too! Happy simming, and be sure to browse my other homes I have uploaded on here if you’re interested.


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(Published on: 2022-09-23 12:00:00)

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