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I present to you a 1 floor modern and zen inspired villa for your sims!

No cc.

No special lot traits except ‘calm’.

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kithen/dining, 1 livingroom/office space, a semi inddoors zen garden (see pics), a regular garden in the back with a sunken terrace area and a fenced in garden patch for growing those veggies…

This villa is a must have for those sims who need their peace and like to meditate. The house is spacious and partly furnished (kithen, bath and livningroom. The two bedrooms have been left unfurnished for your sims to have fun with and to keep the price tag reasonable Price is medium affordable considering all the space and garden glory that you get inside and outside.

I dare to call the the built in zengarden the selling point of this house. It’s encompassed by glass walls so it’s visible from all angles within the house. Also the glass part roof goes across the house middle and covers and showers the zen garden itself, the middle part of the hallway and the bathroom with light.

I would have liked to make this house basegame only, but I couldn’t get the look and feel I wanted with only that. So you’ll need some ekstra packs: Spa Day, Snowy Esacpe, Seasons, Island Living and Parenthood as well. Or download it anyway if you only play basegame but be prepared that things will be missing or replaced and the zen garden will not be so zen anymore..

Oh, by the way: I built the house in Newcrest (empty world). I don’t know if that matters any.

Lot size 30×20


Furnished: 36.004 simoleons

Unfurnished: 19.004 simoleons

Expansion Packs

Island Living
Snowy Escape

Game Packs

Spa Day

(Published on: 2022-07-09 12:00:00)

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