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There’s something special about elevated trains. You can look down and watch children playing in parks below, follow people shopping with your eyes. Get a whiff of a bakery that just slipped by you. You can watch brightly illuminated store displays unfold and then disappear in the distance as the train rolls noisily on.

Neighborhoods pass beneath you, old buildings and new, the past melding with the present in one glorious display of colors and textures. Rooftops reveal a world, hiding in plain sight, of tar paper, tiles, antennas, vents and skylights. Windows pass in front of you, glimpses of homes you will never visit while the distant city looks as crisp as an image on a postcard and just as unreachable. In that tapestry of life unfolding before you there is a richness that stirs the imagination, that brings back memories.


The Elevated Train and Shops comes with an elevated train station, a tiny park, an outdoor elevated cafe, a newsstand, and an old-fashioned candy store with two unfurnished floors directly above it that can be made into a dwelling.

This is a multipurpose lot. It can be used as a residence and or a business, as well as a destination lot.

If you would like your Sim to both reside in this lot as well as work there, you will need to have your Sim first purchase an empty lot (which will serve as their home base to the game), and then purchase the Elevated Train and Shops lot, so they can move in and set up shop.

Remember to lock the doors on buildings you prefer your customers not wander into, this way you will have a better chance of getting more customers into your store.


To allow you maximum flexibility, this lot comes in three flavors:

  • The Elevated Train and Shops (30×40)
  • The large Elevated Train only, (30×40, NO CC)
  • The small Elevated Train only, (30×20, NO CC)


CC Used:…der-10-swatches

Ichosims Fire Escape Conversion of Solander, by Ichosims

Black Yummy Set by Blackle (Bar candy. The download button is just below the first picture.)…vec/id/1356879/

Bedroom Closet CliveC by ShinoKCR at TSR ( Left And Right Glass Cupboards only)

Ownable cars by Dark Gaia at (Bwan Speedster)

Daisies and company by Adonis Pluto (converted from sims 2) at (Iris Surprise used.)

Simblereen 2015 part 2 by Inabadromance (Cake Pop Deco used)…art-2-deco.html

The Perfumery by Jomsims at TSR (Metal cabinets with shelving)…ated-to-fix-the

Jars of Electric Fireflies by Omorfi Mera…floors-download

Bubble Tiles and Floors by Veranka (bubble Tile Floor used)…munity_05.shtml

Newstand by Sandy at Around the Sims 4 (Stack of Newspapers, wall rack, floor rack, tall and short stand)

Functional Candy Dispenser with Eatable Candies by Icemunmun at

Window Planter Petunia 2×1 by Mutske at TSR

Art Deco Glass Pedestal Shelf by ShinoCKR 4 at TSR

Chocolate Passions by Jomsims at TSR…munity_06.shtml

Candy Jar By Sandy at ATS4 (You need to scroll down to find it)

Go Goth Wall Texture by Velouriah at


For those that want a more realistic track you can download the Railway package from Mimoto here:…t-by-mimoto-and

Lot Size: 30×40

Lot Price (furnished): 214,281

Lot Price (unfurnished): 138,992

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