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A little something from my personal gameplay that I made a while ago when the Stars Wars: Journey To Batuu pack came out for the Sims 4. I wasn’t planning on uploading it, but I figured a few other Simmers out there may appreciate this.

The Taste of Batuu Cantina was made primarily for my alien Sims to have a place to enjoy cuisine from a galaxy far, far away while living on Earth among other Sims. Human Sims are allowed to eat here! The restaurant won’t turn away customers, no matter what species you are. Everyone can enjoy the various foods from other worlds here with friends and family. A good place for alien Sims and human Sims to mingle and meet under one roof! The restaurant also includes a bar in the entry way for customers who simply want a light meal or drink for the evening.

The building is made entirely in architecture referenced from the Star Wars pack. I built it in the town of Strangerville because that is where my alien Sims first arrive to Earth to live among the human Sims. You may place it in any town that you wish, and the lot comes with a custom menu that includes many meals from the Star Wars pack as well. I hope everyone enjoys it, and have fun with your little Sims!


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(Published on: 2021-09-02 12:00:00)

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