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With the recent release of City Life, that old, unanswered craving for a Sims, non rabbit hole, mass transit system has returned in full force. What better exemplifies city life than a subway ride?

Think about the benefits of living in a city with mass transit. Your Sims could enjoy a weekend train ride, when seats are plentiful, read a book, or just get some shut eye. Perhaps they would savor the experience of the frenzy of rush-hour. If there were such a place, what a joy it would be to take a break the telltale teleporting poof into nothingness, and to arrive at home or to work without a single loading screen involved.

Impossible you say.

Not at all.

Welcome to Subway City, a place that combines the heart of the business district with the quiet pleasure of a semi-suburban, bedroom community, all in one lot. Subway City has been designed to give you the most flexibility. It can become any type of lot. With the added plus of a subway only download means you can even create your own city!

Lets begin your tour of the complete Subway City in the downtown area. Stop at the United bank of the Sim Nation and gaze at the world’s only gold plated safe. Enjoy a tour of the Independent Sim News Building and then rest your tired feet at the Mozart-Schubert Gazebo, listening to a piano concerto, or play some music of your own.

Feeling hungry? Head downstairs to the subway and board a train. Walk through the cars and find yourself at the other end of town.

Listen to the rustling of trees as you walk down the street, gazing at the neatly tended lawns of the twin brownstones. Stop at the end of the block for a cup of java and a sweet something reminiscent of home. Grab a book at the bookstore before you head back. If you linger at the cafe, you will see the city skyline light up the night sky.

Enjoying your trip? Why not stay? Homes are available either fully furnished or unfurnished. Want more space? Two houses are better than one and a breeze to connect when they are such close neighbors.

Thinking about starting a business? How about setting up store in one of the shops? If you prefer working in an office environment, Independent Sim News is hiring writers and computer programmers to work in its offices.

You can even enjoy the city as a venue and travel destination!

Whatever your choice, with the subway at your doorstep, your commute will be a breeze.

Game Hint: If you would like your Sim to both reside in this lot as well as work there, you will need to have your Sim first purchase an empty lot (which will serve as their home base to the game), and then purchase the Subway city lot, so they can move in and set up shop. Remember to lock the doors on buildings you prefer your customers not wander into, this way you will have a better chance of getting more customers into your store.

Transit Note: Subway trains are interconnected and walkable, allowing your Sim to enter a train on one side of town and leave from another train on the opposite side, for a more realistic subway experience. Some of the subway doors have been purposely blocked. Unblocking them can result in Sims wandering the tracks and possibly getting stuck.

For greater versatility, two download options are available for this lot:
Option 1: The complete Subway City.
Option 2: Only the subway and subway entrances.

Packs Used:

The Complete Subway City uses: Get to Work, Get together, Spa Day, Movie Hangout, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, Backyard Stuff

The subway only lot uses: Get to Work, Get together, Spa Day, Movie Hangout and Cool Kitchen

CC Used:

Photo Walls and Floor by Auntielynd at (Black and white)


Splashback Glass Tiles by Simsationaldesigns (colored tiled Horizontal)

Totally not stolen ATM by Daluved 1

ATM Version 2 Cards and Credit by Zooroo at (Bank Posters Only)…-brownstone-set

3to 4 Brownstone set by Owl Plumbob ( stair railing only)

Construction Walls by Pralinesims at TSR (Construction wall, and Construction walls 7,9,8,12)

Shoji Walls by Pralinesims at TSR…2016-07-13-1554

Stone Walls by Granny Zaza at the Sims Models (The broken tile wall)

Doors Redesigned (Door recolors) by Akisima ( The Safe recolor)

Daisies and company by Adonis Pluto (converted from sims 2) at (Papaver Poppies, Grand Gerberas and Merry Marigolds used)…-has-been-asked

TS3 to TS4 elevator door conversion (fake door) by inabadromance

Lot Size: 50×40

Lot Price (furnished): 300,698

Lot Price (unfurnished): 171,965

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Game Packs

Spa Day

Stuff Packs

Perfect Patio Stuff
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff

(Published on: 2016-11-04 12:00:00)

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