Start Werewolf Zoomies, Any Time! (And Lower Fury!)

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This mod enables Zoomies as a user-selectable interaction. It’s found under the Werewolf self-interaction menu! This is a new interaction that does not replace the existing autonomous one.

Zoomies will work exactly as it does on a full moon: You’ll never know how long it’ll take, and you CAN NOT stop it once it’s started! You can also do it in human form!

The biggest difference is, when you do it yourself, it lowers fury!

Fury caps at 500. This interaction lowers it at a rate of 1.25 per sim second. Zoomies rarely lasts an hour or more, but you can spam it as many times as you want, which you may want to do since it doesn’t lower Fury too much.

Beware! Zoomies counts as exercise! Your sim can get tired, or even injured, and Elders can even die of overexertion, same as any other exercise! While Zoomies “counts” as exercise, it does not currently increase fitness gain, offer any benefits to fitness-related traits, or count as fitness for careers.

Requires Scumbumbo XML Injector!

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(Published on: 2022-07-08 12:00:00)

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