Starship Explorer (Aliens Ship)

Lots & Housing Residential

Starship Explorer is an Alien’s ship, ideal for established a colony.

This personnal construction is a part of my Alien’s world (a world only populated by true Aliens)


————————————————//// ///————————————————

This lot is very expensive because there is a lot of details to re-create sci-fi theme…

Use “FreeRealEstate on” cheat code if you don’t have enough money.

Use “bb.moveobjects on” before enter the lot.

Recommended to use fully furnished option because it contain many object as Building Decoration from buy mode.

————————————————//// ///————————————————

This ship contain :

6 individuals cabins

2 bathrooms

1 livingroom

1 kitchen

1 Command Center

1 laboratory

2 engines rooms

Installation Instructions:

Unzip and place the files in your /Tray folder.

Packs Used: Get to Work, Get Together. There are no CC

Lot Size: 30×20

Lot Price (furnished): 278824 $

Lot Price (unfurnished): 59154 $ ( no recommended)

Lot Size: 30×20

Lot Price (furnished): 278824

Lot Price (unfurnished): 59154

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

(Published on: 2016-11-03 12:00:00)

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