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St Andrew’s Church (Andriivska tserkva) is an Orthodox church in Kyiv, Ukraine. This 18 century building located on the steep hill called ‘Andriyivskyy Descent’ (which i also tried to recreate somehow) and can be seen from many points in the historical center.

With this lot i want to ask you to help my country in the current situation If you have such a wish and the opportunity. I will leave some official links in the comments. Any kind support is important to us.

Original building has the shape of a cross with round wall of apse, in which placed altar. Inside the church altar separated from central space of the building by Iconostasis – architectural form (usually from wood) with complex program of icons and religious paintings. Orthodox iconostasis has very complex program according to the religious canon and to whom the church is dedicated. That’s why i haven’t added any paintings on this wall – it doesn’t have any sense in game. Just decorate it with any religious paintings you want (as I did on some screenshots).

Also St Andrew’s Church has unusual for orthodox building detail like a pulpit – stand for a preacher. I made it as a decorative element so your sims can’t climb there.

Around the church i made a “compact copy” of ‘Andriyivskyy Descent with its artist’s alley.

In this lot i used more than 20 positions of custom content which is not included and which you have to download if you want this lot in your game to looks exactly like on the screenshots.

If you interested in any other CC on screenshots that not attached to lot – I’ll gladly share links in the comments. Also thanks NeutralSupply for their deco sims. You can find them in their blog:…haracters-are-a

Place with “moveobjects”

If you have any problems, please let me know.

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