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Hi guys! This is my reinterpretation of Dragonsreach Manor of Skyrim!

Dragonsreach is the residence of the jarl of Whiterun Hold, the hold’s seat of political power, and the location of the hold’s jail.

The palace, which is divided into four sections—the Main Hall, the Living Quarters, the Great Porch, and the Dungeon—is located in the Cloud District of Whiterun, overlooking the city.

The main entrance is at the top of three flights of stairs starting from the Gildergreen tree, with two pools intersected by the stairs.

The hall is focused towards the Jarl’s throne, which is visible through the shimmer from the fire, adding a certain mystical quality to his appearance. The entrance room is a waiting area, with four benches for sitting in. The servants Fianna and Gerda spend most of their time here, keeping it clean.

To the west of the fire is the kitchen

and to the east of the fire is the court wizard’s research and living area of the palace. There is an alchemy lab, an arcane enchanter, a chest, a cupboard, and a large map of Skyrim.

The palace was built around a dragon supposedly captured by Olaf One-Eye and imprisoned in the present-day Great Porch.

I’ve tried to reproduce the city faithfully as possible but there’s not enough space for all! Anyway, i hope you will like it!

Please activate Move Objects On in game before placing lot!

When in game, press CTRL+SHIFT+C , then type in: bb.moveobjects and press enter.

You will get a message saying the Move Objects cheat is now on. Close the cheat box by hitting CTRL+Shift+C again.

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Lot Size: 50×50

Lot Price (furnished): 242855

Lot Price (unfurnished): 418490 (Published on: 2015-05-04 12:00:00)

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