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This is a simple mod that will allow your sims to hire a tutor to help children and teens with homework, as well as building skills for them and for college students. I wanted someone outside the family to be able to help out my younger sims with the homework while their parents are at work, but I don’t like to use the nannies because they’re elders and are always ringing up the kids to hang out and then promptly dying, leaving my sims bummed out. I wanted my sims to be able to have a tutor relationship with a young adult sim that could pave the way for more interesting storytelling opportunities. Plus, that skill boost is nothing to sneeze at!

The tutoring sessions are programmed like social events, so you can plan one immediately via the phone or plot out future sessions with the calendar. You need a teen through elder to hire the tutor (which costs $100 for 5 hours) but any child, teen, or young adult in the family can benefit from the tutor. You will need to greet the tutor and “Discuss Educational Goals” at least once (sometimes twice) in order to access the “Help With Homework” interaction.

All children, teens and young adults near the tutor will receive the boost to skill building, as long as they are in close enough proximity. You will know the boost is active as long as the played sim is showing the “Excellent Tutelage” focused moodlet. The boost is 1.6% for ALL skills.

You will need Scumbumbo’s XML Injector in order for this mod to function.

I’m still fine-tuning this mod, so any feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy the mod, and happy simming!

Jessie Nebulous

Thanks to Carolo for the Spanish version! (Published on: 2021-09-29 12:00:00)

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