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This food item REQURES the latest version of my custom food enabler

Sikhye (??) is a Korean rice beverage, which is quite sweet. Sikhye is a traditional beverage usually served as a dessert. It’s considered by some similar to the Chinese dessert dish jiuniang and Japanese drink amazake. It’s made with malt water, cooked rice and sometimes pine nuts.


– It has 3 sizes (8 servings, 4 servings, and single serving)

– Vegetarian-safe, Lactose Free.

– Optional SCCO any rice, and Icemunmun wheat grain ingredients (food can still be cooked without)

– Appears on Restaurant Menu under Drinks

Found in Make Custom Drinks > Prepare Drinks

Please let me know if you run into any issues!


Italian – translated by me (already in the mod)

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Blender (Published on: 2022-03-06 12:00:00)

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