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– The interactions are no longer displayed when you click on another sim.

– The interactions are now in the “Actions” category.


The new Wants and Fears are very different from the previous Whims.

This mod makes you can at least randomise the Wants and Fears.

All: Refresh Wants and Fears.

Fears: Refresh Fears. Toddlers are fearless, this interaction is for Child and older sims only. Note: Target sim must have at least one fear.

Wants: Refresh Wants. Long-term wants, short-term wants and reactionary wants.


Base game

This mod has been tested with game version 1.91.205.

This mod requires the script file of Xml Injector (by Scumbumbo, Triplis), which you can find here.


This mod doesn’t alter any in-game files and uses new resources, it should be compatible with other mods.



Xml Injector (by Scumbumbo, Triplis) (Published on: 2022-09-18 12:00:00)

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