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What’s missing from your Sims’ bookshelves? Horror! Forgotten Hollow Publications fixes that with our new series of readable Horror Novels for Sims. Each novel functions as a regular leisure book, filling the Fun need of readers. But there’s more!

  • the Mystery Genre will be changed to the “Mystery/Thriller/Horror” Genre”;
  • each Horror Novel is a reference to the history of in-game elements of horror or an homage to efforts of previous modders to bring Horror content to the game;
  • Horror Novels are Emotional Books that will inspire Fear in their readers;
  • because of the grip Fear holds, the Needs Decay of those reading them will slow dramatically;
  • once a Reader has recovered from Fear, there’s a good chance they will experience useful after-emotions, such as Post-Fear Inspiration, Confidence, Flirtatiousness, or Energy;
  • unlike regular books, they stimulate Sims to generate thought balloons appropriate to the plot of the book they are reading, many of which are custom-made for those novels;
  • each book has a unique combination of the strength, duration, and likelihood of these effects;
  • the books come with a decorative and functional Horror Bookstand pre-loaded with all the books as a bargain for your convenience; and
  • a special “Get Spooked” Holiday Tradition for use on spooky holidays that Sims fulfill only by getting scared!

The nine novels are classics of Sim-horror, sure to be familiar to long-time players and to inspire terror in Sims:

Credits: Forgotten Hollow Publications thanks its development team (Josh, Nick, and David) and survey participants, and acknowledges that Horror Novels follow in the footsteps of giants in Sims-horror, including Necrodog, Joe Winko, Sacrificial, Turbodriver, and those who have assisted them.

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(Published on: 2022-03-29 12:00:00)

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