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Welcome, to the post belonging to ZIM! (He’d be upset with me if I didn’t put his name in all caps…) If you’ve ever thought of having this slightly stupid but “professionally trained” Irk try to take over your town, now you can!

Be warned: He still hates Dib-Filth. So they won’t get along well.

He is a teen, and his traits are Evil and Self-Assured.

His aspiration is Public Enemy.

CC is optional! The link is on the name below!

I really hope you enjoy him, he is part one of my Invader Zim project, appropriately named Project Invader!

Custom Content Optional:

– [ Eliza ] – Dolly Eye Mask (Red/Black) by Screaming_Mustard@TSR

Additional Credits:


Jhonen Vasquez (Published on: 2016-11-29 12:00:00)

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