Patrick O’Malley (Husband of Emily Delicious)

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Here is the last member of the Emily Delicious-O’Malley household, the husband of Emily Delicious and the father of Paige O’Malley, Patrick O’Malley.

According to the story, Patrick hails from Ireland and is a florist by profession. His patience and good hearted personality won him Emily’s hand and his bravery helped to save the life of his daughter when she was severely ill.

Patrick, like his daughter, has an artistic bend and loves being outside in the fresh air as much as possible. He takes joy in his work and his family.

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Medium Curly Hair V2 By Kiara By Kijiko

3D Eyelashes V2 by Kijiko (regular mesh, 3rd row from the top. 5th from the left)…think-ea-did-an

Realistic Lips by Rope (2nd from the top, 2nd from the left) (Published on: 2016-11-29 12:00:00)

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