Natural Werewolf Skin (Override)

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Update 2/27/23: I’ve added pawpads for both regular plantigrade feet and my digitigrade legs, and touched up the second two butterfly skins so that the pawpads are also spotted. I’ve also changed the package names for easier organization, so make sure you remove the previous version manually when you update!

An edit of the vanilla Maxis skin overlays to make the werewolves more wolfy-looking, thinning down/reshaping the eye rims and replacing the lips with a more natural-looking gradient that’s closer to an actual wolf muzzle. I also removed the pink skin from the ears, since it gave them more of a cat look and wolf ears are furred inside.

There are four total versions available: two options for vanilla plantigrade feet, and two that fit my Digitigrade Werewolves override. For each of those you can choose either the default vanilla swatches, or an expanded natural palette that replaces the gold with a dilute blue and adds dudley noses, as well as two extra butterfly swatches. Make sure you install only one.

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(Published on: 2022-09-15 12:00:00)

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