Mystic Messenger 707 painting set 1

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Hello lovelies,

Since the first set of paintings went okey, I thought I should start to upload my other beautiful creations from the Mystic Messenger series, that I had prepared.

This set is with Seven (707) from the mobile phone game Mystic Messenger.

As a fan I wanted to share some pretty paintings with emotional aura of 707.

Hope you enjoy them!

Images taken from

Each set from this series, comes with an emotional aura and some moddlets that you can add to your sims for a couple of hours.

Each one will include a screenshot with the Build/Buy thumbnail that specifies what emotion will give.

This set offers the playful moodlet to your sim, after viewing (both options), enjoying the paintings, and enabling the Emotional Aura.

Don’t forget, that the aura is available only for the room the painting is in.


Please do not reupload, or claim as your own creation, if you want to use the creations on other websites please provide the link from each package you want to use.

Thank you and enjoy! (Published on: 2021-09-06 12:00:00)

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