More Expensive Maid Service

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The maids have unionized!

Makes the maid cost 500 Simoleons A Day with an extra 50 per hour. The default is 20 per day and 40 per hour. These values also apply if you hire the maid for a one-time visit- it will be 500 simoleons no matter what.

This makes the daily maid a luxury and the one-time maid a significant expense, to play around Bust the Dust gameplay specifically. Your house is no longer permanently clean for 80 or so simoleons a day. Let it get dirty, THEN call the maid. This service should always have been a luxury option!

On a small fully-dirtied house (spawning filth fiends), it cost my sim 800 simoleons for a one-time visit by the maid.

Update: Added “LessMoreExpensiveMaid” which is a 250 base rate instead of 500. (Published on: 2022-07-06 12:00:00)

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