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Hello there!

I realised most people like modern houses, so I decided to bring a starter one. I tried to build it with two bedrooms, but unfortunately I was unable to. Maybe in the next time? Also, there’s a glitch that some items keep disappearing, especially the ones from Dream House Decorator. Please EA fix it ASAP.


– Living room and kitchen w/ dining table

– Toilet

– Bedroom w/ bathroom

– Garage (decorative)

Expansions/game packs required:

– Eco Lifestyle

– Discover University

– Seasons

– City Living

– Get Together

– Get to Work

– Dream Home Decorator

– Stragerville

– Dine Out

– Spa Day

– Moschino

– Industrial Loft

Lot Size: 20×15

Lot Price (furnished): 19.816

Lot Price (unfurnished): 7.256

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together
City Living
Discover University
Eco Lifestyle

Game Packs

Spa Day
Dine Out

Dream Home Decorator

Stuff Packs

Moschino Stuff

(Published on: 2022-09-18 12:00:00)

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