Max Funds: Be a Billionaire (23.FEB tested)

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This mod works as in the title said to increase the overall household funds to much more Simoleons! Let your Sims not only be rich, but make the royal vampire familys even paler in comparison! Just don’t be surprised if Mister Vladislaus van Straud visits even more… to enjoy the view of your mansion of course.

While testing I could get the money up to a max of 2,147,483,647 Simoleons !!

Game Requirements and Compatibility

This mod was created with the game version (including Weddings Stories February 2022 Patch)!

Mod tested

The mod.xml was updated and/or tested after the last patch in February 2023! Now GameVersion compatible!

It was tested without any other script mod in one subfolder of the mod folder, so if it makes issues, please try

1. placing the package directly in the MAIN mod folder, because sometimes even in one subfolder seems to make issues

2. to remove other script mods first to look for conflicts, because I am as of right now not able to make this compatible with any other mod, I am sorry.

Known Conflicts

This mod use this XML tuning, anything which change the same will confict:


Additional Credits

In the picture you can see my “Straud” family: in the middle the second born son Vladislaav van Straud with his wife, the current leaders of the van Straud Clan. To his right his brother Vladimir van Straud and his lovely wife and to the left is their sister and Vladislaavs firstborn son, so the grandson of Vladislaus IV. (Published on: 2022-03-21 12:00:00)

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