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The Mariinskyi Palace is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine. The baroque palace, completed in 1752, is sited on the right bank of the Dnipro River in Kyiv and adjoins complex of buildings of state authorities.

Buuut I think it’s okay to use the palace like common residence for your sims ٩(˘◡˘)۶ Building is unfurnished and has 3 floors: ground floor is fully planned, 2nd floor is absolutely empty and 3d floor is something like an attic and also empty.


• I highly recommend you to use ‘Better BuildBuy’ Mod by TwistedMexi because when you build rooms or paint them, the decoration on the facade disappears. Or you can remove decor and use custom entablature from creators. In any case, you decide what to do.

• Construction processes can also cause 2 roof sections to disappear (a triangular pediment above attic and a semicircular pediment under the sculptures). This happens because the roof is not placed directly on the floor, but levitating “in the air”. This can be easily avoided: just grab arrows and remove roof sections to the edge of lot, take the other end of the roof and reduce it to the end of the lot so that it does not cross the building. Now you can build rooms without roofs disappearing. When you done, don’t forget to return the roofs to the place with the arrows as you did before.

These manipulations are very annoying, I’m sorry. But I can’t fight the game :с


• Extra important is only 1 piece of custom content – Stone Pedestal by ArtysSims (used in columns):…-mesh-i-created

Other CC is unnecessary and serves for decoration. Still, I saved the palace with them in case if you don’t mind to have a bit more of custom content:

• Medici Lions by ArtysSims:…-new-meshes-the

• The Nile statue by TheJim07:…-century-ad-and

• Amphitrite statue by TheJim07:…logy-amphitrite

• XVIIth century Vase by TheJim07:…ntury-vase.html

Don’t forget to use “moveobjects” before placing lot. As always – let me know if there are any problems or questions.

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City Living

Get Famous
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Discover University
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Cottage Living

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Spa Day
Jungle Adventure

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