Little Collectors Bug Cages

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Little Collectors Bug Cages

Create your own collection of insect friends! Give a little character with this hobby to your children’s rooms with a massive bug cage collection that matches the base game children’s bedroom items.

This pack includes 6 objects. 3 bug cages which contain three bug varieties: a blue butterfly, a mantis, and a stickbug, a wall butterfly collection display (morally sourced), insect collector and exploring toy tools, and a drawstring bag to take your tools on adventures!


1. This set does not override any in game collections or EA bug terrariums. They are separate, decorative objects bought from buy mode.

2. The “Stickbug Bug Cage” is sideways on purpose. The VFX for the preying mantis spawns sideways, so this is necessary. Rotate it to match the other cage’s directions.

3. Fully base game compatible! You do not need outdoor retreat for the mantis or stickbug to show.

4. You can find all items in game by searching “Bug Cage” or “Kaiso”

There are 2 files available for download:

The MERGED contains everything in one single package file

The SEPARATE contains everything separated, each item included in their own package file so you can keep and remove what items you don’t want.


The toy companies who inspired me to create similar products to what they create in real life!

(Though, keeping bufferflies in cages in Sims is far more moral than real life. Do not actually keep insects in plastic containers like this, they need full terrariums and care that mimic their natural habitats). (Published on: 2022-07-06 12:00:00)

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