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I didn’t see one of these on the market when looking for fishook earrings…So I made one.

Get ready to get Positively Hooked on this new set of dangerous looking piercings for your sims! Here I proudly present a set of 21 different piercings you can hook into your sim’s faces to complete that “Intimidating Siren”, “The One Who Got Away”, or a “Not the Best Fisherman” look.

After being inspired by a certain image (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w66OJZ) and not seeing any rendition of fishooks as piercings in the form of sims CC, this new set came to life after hours and hours of blood sweat and tears. But mainly sweat…

Each piece comes with 4 different swatches, Black, Rusted, Silver, and Gold.

A variety of placements from brows to ears can be achieved with this look. Should be base game compatible and work on any CC ears so long as it doesn’t take up the earring slot. Can also be mix and matched with each other and various other piercings from in game or from other modders.

**NOTE: Sometimes the piercings may not immediately snap to your sim’s nose. An easy fix is to click on a preset nose so they snap in place and then continue making the sim. May not fit all face shapes so just jiggle things around to get the best fit possible.

TOU: Please don’t reupload my mesh! Feel free to add recolours of the item but leave the mesh out and redirect others here you’d be so kind 😀

This is also kind of my first major CC project so go easy on me! If things don’t work 100% I apologize.

Hope you enjoy! (Published on: 2022-09-10 12:00:00)

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